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  • Product Name: BOP
  • Product Explanation: The series blowout preventer conform to API Spec16A and are granted the right to use API Spec 16A and Spec 6A monogram. We can support series size BOP as table 1 shows.

Product Features:

1. Annular B0P
Adopts sphere rubber core or tapering core structure.
The top and bottom connection is flange or thread.
Hydraulic Pressure:8.4~10.5MPa.
Hydraulic connection:NPT1.
A Media:  Oil gas & drilling fluid containing H2S.
Working temperature:: -29~121℃.
2. Ram Blowout Preventer
Hydraulically/manual operated locking mechanism.
Secondary seal.
Flat and side door structure or hydraulic control type flat door structure.
The side door and shell are connected by triple hinges.
Open and close the valve in sequence by using pressure bar(C type ram BOP)
The guide frame is set at the end of the side door, when the side door is opened, the ram can be pulled out along the guide rail and the ram can be replaced(D type ram BOP)
Pistons indicator.
Concealed oil way.
The cavity of ram is ellipse.
Hydraulic Pressure:   1200~1500PSI(8.4~10.5MPa) 
Hydraulic connection: NPT1
Working temperature:  -29℃~121℃
Media:  Oil gas & drilling fluid containing H2S
Ram size and type : series size pipe ram, reducing ram and cutter ram.

Product types and specifications:

bore in
7 1/16
13 5/8
16 3/4
18 3/4
20 3/4
21 1/4
26 3/4
Working Pressure
flange connection specification
The flange connection is per API Spec 6A.
BOP manufacture specification
The BOP is per API Spec 16A.

Product Photo: